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CBD Transparency is a Free Self-Certification Scorecard that CBD Merchants can apply for that demonstrates to their customers they are adhering to best practices of the industry by providing clean safe hemp-derived CBD.

CBD Companies
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How the Self-Certification Works

Simply Check The Boxes To See How You Measure Up To Industry Best Practices

2019 – 2020 Scorecard Criteria

  • Microbial Contaminant Testing Publicly Available
  • Potency Testing Publicly Available
  • Terpene Profile Results Publicly Available
  • Residual Solvents Testing Publicly Available
  • Pesticides Heavy Metals and Mycotoxin Testing Publicly Available
  • Declaration of Country where Hemp was grown

Future Scorecard Criteria (Starting 2021)

  • All of the Above
  • Glyphosate Testing
  • Sustainability Practices including Best Practices for: energy use, chemical use, adhering to regenerative farming principles

Meet The Above 2019-2020 Criteria?

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It’s a problem we have to solve. What is really in your CBD? When it comes to THC it’s highly regulated and tested when sold through legal channels. The real canary in the coal mine is CBD. Is it organic? GMO free? Actually THC free? And why do the prices differ from $150 to $9.99 a bottle? These are real questions CBD Transparency is working to address.
Codie Sanchez
Entourage Effect Capital
As a cannabis educator who understands the complexities of the medicines I am often disappointed when I see CBD products sold with false or misleading info and fake claims such as full spectrum. If there were a legitimate certification for transparent CBD products it would mean a world of difference to the entire industry and the people it serves.
Max Montrose
Trichome Institute
So much of the industrial hemp produced oil that is in the marketplace is unsafe. It contains heavy metals and pesticides that could make it unsafe to use. This is a great way for businesses to distinguish themselves from others and to show customers and patients that their CBD is safe to use.
Diane Czarkowski
Co-Founder Canna Advisors / Thinkcanna.com, Founding Member: National Cannabis Industry Association

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