Cheryl Shuman is the Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills

Cheryl Shuman

Cheryl Shuman beat cancer with the help of cannabis and went on to become the founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and a media darling.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:13] – Cheryl’s background
[2:39] – Cheryl talks about how cannabis oil helped her fight against cancer
[4:59] – How did the eating and meditation play a role in Cheryl’s recovery
[11:12] – Overview of California’s cannabis laws
[17:02] – Cheryl discusses her growing preferences
[18:07] – Cheryl discusses how celebrities feel about cannabis
[21:01] – Cheryl talks about her fund for investing in cannabis businesses
[26:46] – Cheryl discusses cannabis stocks
[28:07] – Cheryl talks about her appearance on CNBC’s Power Lunch
[29:54] – What is the Super Pac
[31:21] – Cheryl discussing what can’t be said in a sound bite
[35:34] – Cheryl’s contact info