The Cannabis-Infused Oil for Women Called Foria with Jon Brandon


Foria is a cannabis-infused oil for women and it’s getting a lot of attention. We’ll find out how Foria is helping women feel more vibrant and alive than ever. In this interview with Jon Brandon CEO of Foria we’ll explore how to use the oil, what to expect, and where to find it.

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Key Takeaways:
[1:04] – What is Foria and how is it used
[2:30] – Jon talks about how the idea for Foria came about
[4:54] – Jon explains his background
[7:45] – What are customers experiencing with Foria
[11:55] – What is the timeframe in which Foria is at its peak
[15:35] – How food affects the onset of Foria
[20:19] – Jon discusses the different types of lubricant
[24:02] – What does Foria look like in the dispensaries
[31:14] – Where can you find Foria and how much does it cost

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Foria is a natural THC infused personal lubricant for women designed to optimize pleasure and sensual delight. I am pleased to welcome to the show co-found of Foria, Jon Brandon. Welcome to CannaInsider Jon.

Jon: Thank you Matt. It’s good to be here.

Matthew: Jon you have a very interesting product that a lot of people are talking about. Can you give us some detail on what exactly Foria is and how people are using it?

Jon: Absolutely. Happy to discuss it and really glad to be here with you and your listeners today. Foria, as you mentioned, is a THC infused lubricant. It is designed for women specifically. And our goal with the product really is to help folks at any point along the pleasure spectrum enhance and really accentuate their sensual experience. So that can really take a number of different forms. For some people it’s increased lubrication. For some people it assists them with just being more relaxed when they are in an intimate or sexual context. Some people report an easier ability to access orgasm or achieve multiple orgasms. For some people it helps them sleep better frankly. And for other folds they feel kind of a reconnection to certain parts of themselves, kind of helps with their feeling and desire around arousal in wanting to experience more pleasure within their bodies.

Matthew: Now I would love if you could take us back to the initial conversations. Where you sitting around the fire with some buddies? How did you come up with this idea for Foria? What sparked the idea?

Jon: Yeah it’s a great question. So I have to give credit for the original idea to my business partner, Matthew Gerson, and Matthew’s background is in the sexual health and wellness space. He had previously started a condom company called Sir Richard’s. So he had been in and around pleasure and wellness and sexual health for a number of years. And he was really kind of curious, got curious around the intersection of cannabis, and you know, cannabis as an aphrodisiac is not a new concept. We didn’t invent it certainly. It’s been used across many cultures for many years in that fashion. But he was specifically thinking about cannabis and the potential interplay with other things, in this case our primary material in the product other than cannabis is coconut oil. And coconut oil has a number of fairly well accepted health benefits including moisturizing and lubricate. It happens to also have antimicrobial, antifungal properties. So it’s used by a lot of people for lubrication and just for general skin things as well.

And so I think the flash inspiration for him was just kind of combining those two, combining cannabis and coconut oil. The kind of early experimenting with testing, you know, started to suggest that there was something really exciting here to explore further and put some more energy into really understanding and looking at what this might be for folks.

Matthew: I’m a big fan of coconut oil and medium chain triglyceride oils. If anybody listening has not experienced coconut oil or just what it can do for the human body, just take a little bit of extra virgin, or virgin coconut oil, put it on your hand and you can see how readily it’s absorbed into the skin. The human body and medium chain triglycerides just really work well together. It’s amazing to see. Now I want to go into your background a little bit Jon. How did you come to be the CEO of Foria?

Jon: Yeah so my involvement with Foria, as I mentioned, my partner Matthew, you know, he kind of came up with this idea and started to think about how he would move the idea forward into more of a business venture. And this was a couple of years ago, now, and right around that time I was, you know, I’d been undergoing some interesting life evaluation processes. Had gone through a divorce about four or five years ago, and was really starting to think about how I wanted to show up in the world, and what was important to me. And as part of that I started to identify larger goals that I have in terms of really wanting to make a difference in the world and in people’s lives, especially as it pertained to my business activities. And so before I used to think about things more from a filter of okay is this business or is this charity or philanthropy.

A few years ago I really revisited those questions in a deeper way and ultimately decided that I wanted to spend the majority of my time doing something that I believed had the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. So I started to put that message out into my community and sort of wind down some of the other business ventures that I’d been involved with. And it was right around that time that Matthew was looking for a business partner who could help him kind of implement and execute on the vision behind Foria. And so we got connected and started spending time together and discussing this. And whereas before my general goal of wanting to do something that mattered to folks was just that, it was a general intention.

When I heard about what Matthew was thinking as it pertained to this, it really crystallized for me and I moved into action around it and have been, you know, completely committed to this for the last couple of years now. So it’s been a big shift. I mean my background, you know, was not previously in the cannabis industry. I had a number of different entrepreneurial ventures that were primarily involving real estate, law and finance. A lot of which actually, you know, will serve in this venture as well. But not sort of in a very direct fashion in terms of the industry.

Matthew: Now digging into Foria, what kind of experiences do you hear coming back anecdotally from customers that have tried it? Are you hearing certain things over and over?

Jon: Yeah we do, and you know this really is, you know, what we’re oriented around is wellness and helping people who are looking for some kind of enhanced experience, you know, reconnection to self, a deeper connection to partners. And you know, the thing that keeps coming back to us, I mean, we receive inquiries both email correspondence, people contact us from really all around the world, both curious and wanting to see what might be possible for them with respect to Foria. And for the folks who have had the benefit of using it at this point we’ve received a lot of gratitude frankly for bringing this to the world.

We talked about some of the primary benefits earlier, but the thing that people have really expressed to us is really just the… for some people it’s a reduction in pain that they experience. And so people that have had either painful or dryness in terms of their sexual lives, you know, have received benefit from using Foria. Certainly an enhancement of sensation, kind of a deeper experience of their pleasure, of their orgasm. That’s something that people frequently report to us. You know, I think one of the things that we’re experiencing with this which is worth mentioning is that there are a lot of FDA approved drugs or other products on the market that address male function, sexual function or dysfunction or issues. And there really aren’t a lot for females that are specifically targeted to female related issues. And so that’s something that we’re very excited about, and there’s been an extremely positive reception in the communities that we’re in the market on with respect to the fact that this is really intended for women.

Matthew: Now cannabis in general can increase or certain kinds of cannabis, THC people often report increase blood flow when consuming it. Are you hearing reports of that, you know, increased blood flow to the female genital area that can be helpful for, you know, two partners involved?

Jon: Definitely. That’s one of the primary experiences of consuming Foria vaginally is that there is a direct vasodilatation response in the vagina. And there are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris as compared to 4,000 in a penis. And so what we’ve, you know, what we’ve come to hear and people have reported with us that the sense of warmth, of increased blood flow, and in some ways it’s just helping to focus attention into that area and kind of slowing down and taking time to connect with yourself or with a partner. That is very much a part of the Foria experience.

Matthew: So just so listeners can visualize let’s talk a little bit about the marination or onset and how this is actually used. Can listeners think about, you know, the Foria being applied similar timeframe as eating an edible so somewhere between 45 minutes to maybe an hour to an hour and a half from an application on a female’s genitals to the onset?

Jon: Yeah it does vary quite a bit or it can vary. You know we’ve had women share with us that they’ve felt sensation come on fairly rapidly, within say five or ten minutes. And then for other folks it has been more of a delayed response, you know, as much as say 45 minutes. We haven’t heard too much beyond 45 minutes to let’s say an hour. And I think what’s that due to and you know I think the cannabis industry as a whole is trying to increase and improve the level of science, the rigor of scientific research and you know clinical trials and so forth, a lot of which are not currently available by virtue of the legal framework that we all operate in.

I general I think that what we’ve observed and what people have shared with us at least anecdotally is that there are a number of factors that can really bear on the experience as a whole and certainly on the time of onset. And some of those things include the presence of other intoxicants. So for women that have had perhaps some alcohol or other things in their system or even just other stimulation, visual. You know, if you’re in a very loud and noisy kind of chaotic environment then it really isn’t the proper set and setting to drop into a more connected, physical, sensory enhanced experience sexually. So it’s not something that sort of is intended or works very well with a lot other things present. But if it’s really the focus is primarily on that, and you know, there’s another set of variables that come into play which include, you know, how much sleep or where a woman is in her menstrual cycle, and kind of the presence of a variety of different hormones.

We have some, you know, kind of little tangent, but there’s people that have received a lot of benefit who are either peri or post menopausal and sort of as the body, the female body goes through a variety of changes a lot of people have expressed that Foria has helped them reconnect to parts that they’ve felt disconnected from some things that may be shifting, you know, over time within their bodies. But yeah the general, you know, sometimes depending on what’s in your stomach for example. That’s certainly one of the larger variables that’s involved with edibles in particular, you know, what goes through the liver. And you know our product is a topical, and it’s absorbed through the vaginal membrane which has its own pathways and its own kind of metabolization and you know, how much is available into the blood stream, what’s the efficacy. You know, it’s really kind of an interesting thing that we’re looking at is to how much of the cannabinoid content is absorbed through which pathways. So whether it’s vaping or smoking or ingesting orally or absorbing topically, you know, they all have very different kind of characteristics and variables associated with them.

Matthew: So you touched on food there. What kind of information or feedback have you heard back anecdotally or otherwise about eating certain kinds of foods, you know, maybe high protein, high fat. How does it affect onset of Foria at all?

Jon: Yeah I’m not comfortable taking a firm position on that. I mean we’ve heard some things, I would say, very anecdotally. I think that it’s fair to say that we would expect there to be an effect, but trying to control for, you know, any of these variables in particular seems like the work of, you know, clinical research which is really not where we are. So I would hesitated to kind of take a strong position on that. You know, with respect to edibles different than Foria, we have heard that, you know, having a lot of high lipid content of a lot of fat in the system dramatically shifts the metabolism through the stomach. But, you know, for Foria and its use, we have not experienced or, you know, people have not shared with us too profound of a difference in experience based on food content in the stomach.

Matthew: Now Foria really isn’t psychoactive per se is that correct? It’s more, you know, it’s consumed vaginally, but to say it’s not psychoactive maybe discounts the fact that there’s increased eroticism involved here. So there’s a psychoactive component that’s a result of it, but you’re not essentially feeling high in the body or head.

Jon: Yeah. You know, it’s another one I think that it really depends on people’s direct experience, how they would self report on that question, but I think that in general for folks that do consume THC through other means such as smoking or vaping, they don’t report the same “high” as smoking. It does tend to be described more as a body response than, you know, kind of a mind response. But as you allude to, you know, the real question is what does it mean to experience sensation or pleasure. Is that located in the body or is that located in the mind. You know, it’s probably beyond our pay grades for us to delve too far into that question.

But I think it is important and what it speaks to for me and for us as we’re, you know, kind of presenting Foria and helping people understand what it might hold for them. The real thing that’s interesting here is that people who are not traditionally cannabis smokers, let’s say, are actually curious about Foria and the fact that it does not tend to promote the same, let’s call it, psychoactive high that smoking does. That’s actually an attractive element of Foria for people. And we’re seeing a lot of people come to Foria from a place of, you know, I tried marijuana when I was younger, you know, at a different point in life and it’s just not for me. it’s really not something I’m interested in, and if this is something that can help me bring my, you know, my pleasure systems back online in a more profound way, that’s something that I’m interested in.

And for people who have that kind of paradigm or that curiosity and the try Foria, that’s what really interesting to them. It really changes and shifts the traditional notion of what cannabis may or may not hold for someone. And because of the absorbsion vaginally and sort of the different metabolization into the body and the different pathways, and it not producing that same whatever the psychoactive high that someone doesn’t want or used to experience, but isn’t interested in experiencing at this point, that’s really exciting for us because it does bring someone to the world of cannabis, you know, in a different fashion and with a specific purpose here, not the you know, I’m just consuming this to “get high”.

Matthew: Now with a product like Foria that is so unique there’s some terms that people probably should get comfortable with. And Foria’s not a sexual lubricant per se, but it’s more of a pre-lubricant. Can you just kind of dive and just tell us how we should be thinking about the context of lubrication and pre-lube and sexual lubrication and so forth?

Jon: Yeah I’m happy to try although I would really defer typically to the people who are directly experiencing these things.

Matthew: We’re doing the best we can for two men talking right Jon.

Jon: That’s right we will do the best we can here. That’s actually an important point overall is that the things that I’m sharing are directly shared with me and with our team by people that are using the procdut. You know our orientation to this, as I mentioned previously, is really from a place of wanting to have a very positive and meaningful impact in people’s lives. And so that’s our mission. That’s what we’re working towards here, and we’re constantly learning and being informed by people who are actually using Foria as to what that means.

But as it pertains to your question specifically, yeah, I think that most people traditionally think of a lube or a lubricant as something that they would use, you know, at the actual moment of touching, penetration, etc. Foria is you know, certainly can be used in that way, but I think that the primary use that we’ve identified and that folks have said works, you know, really well for them is to consume and ingest Foria, apply Foria, you know, some period of time ahead of when they’re intended to introduce whatever stimulation, whether it’s self-stimulation or with a partner. You know, that they’re desiring and the reason for that is really this kind of latency or onset period for the experience or for the benefits to begin to take effect. And so whether it’s the increased blood flow or the increased tactile sensation or just some of the mental states, you know, for folks that have consumed cannabis via smoking and vaping, you know, the effects do tend to be more rapid in that way than other forms of ingestion. And there is definitely some period of time to absorb into the bloodstream and really feel the engorgement or the blood flow begin that might come from using Foria.

So yeah there’s some sense of a pre-lube. You know we’re kind of creating or trying to avoid labels that come with a lot of other associations that really might not be applicable in our case. Sometimes I’ve heard people refer to it, oh that’s the weed lube. Yeah okay, maybe but I don’t know what that means to someone necessarily. That’s why there’s a really important education and awareness piece to what we’re doing with Foria, and that’s something that we hold with a lot of integrity and are trying our best to, you know, really facilitate and spark a conversation about wellness, about pleasure, about how plant medicines such as cannabis can intersect and sort of support body functions. You know, if everything’s going well then the body’s doing the magical things that it does. And if there are areas where it needs a little support then you know I think that’s where Foria can really assist folks.

Matthew: So what if I’m in a dispensary and I decide to pick up some Foria, what does it look like and how do I control the dosage? Is it a spray or do you put it directly on your fingers? How does it work for most people?

Jon: Yeah and so delivery system’s a really interesting and important question. We’ve experimented with a number of different methods and kind of conveyance systems. You know, it is a very viscus oil of analogist, as you said, to an MCT or liquid coconut oil. And so it does pour and kind of run, you know, in the ways that oils can. From our perspective, you know, we sell it in a spray top, and that produces a little bit finer of a mist and from an absorbsion standpoint that tends to work a little bit better than sort of just pouring it out of a bottle. You know, we’ve looked at other things like droppers and so forth. But the spray mist is probably the best method. It’s the one that we’ve settled on for the time being. We are looking at a number of other potential applicator type devices and potentially some different… without going too far into the R and D side of things.

There are some other products and some kind of extensions off of Foria that we’re looking at and working on, but for the moment the spray top. And what we’ve done is kind of ensure the consistency of dosage through being able to quantify exactly how much cannabis is in each spray of that spay pump bottle. And so for example in California we’ve got a bottle that contains 2mg of THC per spray. So and then trying to draw an analogy between other, you know, THC products whether it’s a cookie or chocolate and things like that, you know, I think that the absorbsion vaginally is a differentiator there. And if you look at other transdermal devices such as there’s some skin patches out there and so forth. You know, if you were to eat 10mg of THC in a cookie or something like that versus to absorb it vaginally or even to smoke it. You know, the efficacy of that dosage is different, you know, just as between those pathways. And then as we kind of mentioned earlier it’s different from time to time even for the same person.

So the notion of how much to use is a very personal question. We have kind of a suggested starting point, and I think the industry as a whole is doing a good job of kind of helping create awareness around responsible consumption. I can tell you that no one to date has used “too much” Foria and had that not so great outcome or experience as has happened in other forms of consumption. So you know we don’t think that we’re you know, kind of at the edge of having too much Foria involved. If anything the fact that it is an oil and creates kind of a lubricating effect, that in a way also governs how much you’d want to use because at some point it’s not fun to have too much lubrication in any situation.

Matthew: Good point. Now I’m kind of curious what the demographic is. I don’t know if you get that kind of detail, but who’s pursing Foria now? Is it across a wide spectrum of demographics?

Jon: Yeah it really is. And you know, I guess the way I’d address that is that more from an age perspective in terms of demographics. That’s the thing that we really have, you know, some optics into. There are definitely people kind of at the younger side of the age spectrum that have received benefit. You know I think that tends to fit more into some kind of exploration of sexuality. You know, not so much the, you know, things aren’t working the same as they used to type of profile. But you know certainly any number of younger 20s and 30s who are, you know, kind of in a more adventurous perhaps phase of their sexuality.

So we’ve had a lot of people sharing experiences that are, you know, kind of in that area. And then you know, into more of a middle aged context, you know, the reports from people who are in their 40s, 50s, 60s, you know, tend to be more of maintaining or reconnecting with long time partners, and for whatever reasons. You know just the normal kind of vagaries of life have perhaps, you know, their intimacy has kind of waned in some way, and you know the business of kids and careers and life and all the things that we experience. I’m in my mid 40s and certainly have had relationships that over time have shifted from an intimacy perspective. I think there’s a lot of people in that demographic, if you will, that are experiencing benefit. And then even older. There’s women who have shared with us, you know, I think the oldest person that we have direct shared experience with was I think 79 years old which was just beautiful thing to hear about.

So for women who are kind of at a more advance stage who, you know, the body just isn’t working the same at that point, and there’s a lot of differences that people are experiencing, you know, physically, hormonally and spiritually. So Foria for them represents an opportunity to, like I said, reawaken or reconnect different parts of themselves and certainly with others as well. You know, that’s one of the things that really is motivating for us is that this has the potential to help really anyone. You know, there is not kind of ugh, it’s really not for you kind of thing. And so that’s exciting. I mean the opportunity to make a difference for a lot of people is really inspirational.

Matthew: It is. Now can you tell me where listeners can find Foria and approximate cost just to give them a ballpark?

Jon: Yeah. At the moment we’re available in the medical market in California. We’re also available in the medical and recreational markets of Colorado as of about a month ago. And we are actively working to get into a number of other markets, and we expect to do that within this year. So you know the challenge for pretty much everyone in the industry is how to kind of make yourself, your products available in the different marketplaces given the constraints and restrictions that we’re all working with. That’s really a primary goal of ours.

In terms of price we have two sizes of bottles at the moment. One is a 10ml bottle which is about 10 servings, and one is a 30ml bottle which is about 30 servings. And pricing varies depending on the retailer and the exact market. But in general the smaller bottle retails for somewhere around $44, which would equate about $4.50 per serving. And the larger bottle is anywhere from about $88 to $100, but that’s less than $3 per use or per serving.

Matthew: Now Jon as we close how can listeners find Foria online?

Jon: Yeah, so our website is, that’s and we’ve tried to kind of put as much information as we could into the website. It’s got links to some of the reviews that have been published out in various media outlets. We’ve got some testimonials that are shared directly there as well as information about the product itself and certainly where you can obtain it at the moment again in California or in Colorado.

Matthew: Jon you’ve got a great, great product with Foria I’m really excited to hear more feedback from people out there. Thank you so much for coming on CannaInsider today.

Jon: Thank you Matt. It’s been really fun to share this time with you, and I appreciate the opportunity.

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