Ep 373 – The Rise of Cannabis Dark Stores

jeff sampson everscore cannainsider

There’s been a lot of buzz around grocery dark stores and ghost kitchens, but not a lot of people are talking about the growing number of cannabis dark stores. Here to tell us more is Jeff Sampson, founder and CEO of Everscore.

Everscore’s marketplace: everscore.com 

Everscore for brands: everscoreconnect.com

Key Takeaways:

[1:02] An inside look at Everscore, the first direct-to-consumer marketplace for THC and CBD products

[2:25] Jeff’s background and how he came to start Everscore

[4:33] How the current dispensary model works against new brands trying to enter the market

[7:45] The rise in cannabis dark stores and where Jeff sees this trend heading over the next few years

[11:56] How dark stores will even the playing field for small brands and help diversify the industry

[18:47] Everscore’s extensive analytics and ad network of 40,000+ lifestyle publishers

[25:97] How Everscore offers ultra-tailored fulfillment with its large network of brands, growers, and manufacturers

[32:50] Jeff’s plans to expand Everscore throughout the US to provide brands the biggest footprint possible