5 Cannabis Trends with Johnny Green from The Weed Blog

Interview with Johnny Green from The Weed Blog

I recently sat down with Johnny Green from The Weed Blog, we spoke about trends in the cannabis industry, here is an excerpt.

Q: Johnny, you are sitting in the crow’s nest of cannabis news and information, what do people seem most interested in and why?

A: I think the most popular trend I’m seeing is a huge interest in all things involving the business side of marijuana. It’s the gold rush of our generation for sure, and everyone and their grandma is clamoring to get in on the industry and make money. It’s not a coincidence that Forbes has recently launched a weekly segment dedicated to the marijuana industry. The marijuana business side of things is complicated, and people are searching out information about it more and more everyday, on my blog and just about everyone else’s that covers that sector of the marijuana world.

Q: How do you see activism changing since starting The Weed Blog?

A: For the longest time marijuana activism pretty much only involved volunteering to gather signatures, showing up randomly to talk to an elected official, or attending a rally/protest. The internet has changed all of that. We are more organized than ever before, spread awareness better than ever before, fund raise better than ever before, and wield influence like never before. We have a heavy focus on politics/activism, and we are consistently one of the top marijuana websites on the entire planet despite having hardly any resources and a head author (me) that is entirely volunteer at this point, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I like to think we are just that cool, but in reality, I think it’s more that people are hungrier than ever for activism based content, which makes me happier than I can ever express in words.

Q: Has anything surprised you about the changing tastes of cannabis enthusiasts?

A: There has been a growing trend of people looking for marijuana entertainment. Now that marijuana is going mainstream, people are coming out of the shadows to try to attend a marijuana event, or are looking to stay at a Bud ‘N Breakfast, etc. There are also countless ‘newbies’ out there that want to explore the marijuana world via a guided tour around Denver or somewhere like that, which is something I’m sure they thought they would never be doing just a few years ago.

Q: Are there any new demographics of cannabis consumers that are just coming online?

A: There’s a lot of people coming to the marijuana world for the first time these days, or coming back from a long hiatus. Whereas in the past they didn’t have access to a lot of information other than asking their dealer and/or a friend, now they can go to Google (or to a lesser extent social media), search for answers to marijuana questions like ‘what are dabs’, and gain knowledge easier and faster than ever before.

Q: How is technology helping the cannabis enthusiast?

A: One of the most popular questions since the beginning of marijuana is ‘where do I find good marijuana?’ The internet has helped fill that void quite a bit with sites like WeedMaps, Leafly, and countless others. The marijuana consumer is becoming more and more sophisticated everyday, and that is happening at the same time that more and more information about strains is being gathered and organized, and at the same time that marijuana is being sold legally at more and more stores and dispensaries. I expect that trend to continue for a long, long time. For so long people didn’t know what they were consuming, nor did they have a good way to find out. Now they can search for that info online very easily, and people are doing it a lot these days.