To understand the beauty of vaporizers it’s helpful to understand why we have to heat cannabis, marijuana at all. In order to activate the full benefits of the plant, it needs to be decarboxylated. This is just a fancy way of saying to unlock the benefits of the plant it needs to be heated so THCA can become THC.

Traditional methods of consuming cannabis include smoking a joint, a bowl, a bong, etc. All these methods work in terms of decarboxylating THCA to THC so your body can use the THC. Unfortunately, this method includes combustion. Combustion includes smoke, carcinogens, and things in general, the body may not want.

Vaporizers side-step the problem of combustion by using convection. Convection sends hot air around the flower allowing the decarboxylation to take place with burning or combustion. Many consider this form of consumption more healthy because it doesn’t include burning any material or smoke.

One thing you will notice vaporizing is that there is generally less huge white clouds when you exhale after taking a hit. This is because there is no smoke. You are just getting the terpenes and other plant compounds from the vaporization.