Steve DeAngelo – The Cannabis Manifesto

Steve DeAngelo

Max Simon of Green Flower Media introduces Steve DeAngelo and his new book, The Cannabis Manifesto. Steve and his book are poised to change the national conversation around cannabis.

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Key Takeaways:
[1:31] – Max’s background
[2:38] – Max talks about Steve DeAngelo
[3:51] – Max talks about his documentary about Steve DeAngelo
[5:59] – Max talks about Steve’s book, The Cannabis Manifesto
[6:45] – Where can people find The Cannabis Manifesto
[8:26] – Steve DeAngelo’s interview

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Matthew: Hi, I’m Matthew Kind. Every Monday look for a fresh new episode where I’ll take you behind the scenes and interview the insiders that are shaping the rapidly evolving cannabis industry. Learn more at That’s Are you an accredited investor looking to get access to the best cannabis investing opportunities? Join me at the next ArcView Group event. The ArcView Group is the premier angel investor network focused exclusively on the cannabis industry. There is simply no other place where you can find this quality and diversity of cannabis industry investment opportunities months or even years before the general public. If that’s not enough, you will also be networking with the top investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the cannabis space. I have personally made many of my best connections and lifelong friendships at ArcView events. If you are an accredited investor and would like to join me as an ArcView member, please email me at to get started. Now here’s your program. Today I am pleased to welcome Max Simon to CannaInsider to discuss Steve DeAngelo and his new book The Cannabis Manifesto. Max, welcome to CannaInsider.

Max: Thanks Matt.

Matthew: To give us a sense of geography can you tell us where you are in the world today?

Max: I’m in beautiful Ojai, California which is right in between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

Matthew: Oh great. And what’s your background? How did you get involved in Steve’s book and the cannabis industry?

Max: Well I’m the CEO of a company called Green Flower Media, and we produce really high quality cannabis content. And actually Steve DeAngelo saw one of our early Coming Out Green campaigns and came to us and said you know I really love what you guys produce, and I’ve got this book coming out. And it just so happens that I have about a decade of experience doing product launches. I used to run Deepak Chopra’s products business. And even though it wasn’t really part of our kind of business model, when I started to get to know Steve more and I read the book itself it was so clear and so evident that this book needed to be read by millions of people that we decided to help out. And so we kind of came on as partners to bring this book to the world in a much bigger way.

Matthew: The majority of listeners will be familiar with Steve. I mean he’s a legend in the industry and activism, but for the new listeners that aren’t really familiar with who Steve is and his message, can you give us a summary?

Max: He’s best known for being the founder and executive director of Harborside Health Center which is the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the world, in Oakland, California and they have another one in San Jose and another one coming out soon. He’s quickly expanding. And Haborside Health Center is known as kind of the gold standard for how these dispensaries should be run from every aspect; from the quality of the cannabis to how they are following guidelines and regulations to how they treat their staff to the environment itself. So he’s known within the industry for that. Publically most people know him as the star of Weed Wars which was on the Discovery Channel. Where it was a miniseries. That’s how I found out about him years ago is through that show.

Matthew: And you have a mini-documentary that is out now about Steve that I saw on your website, and I have to say it was really heartfelt and touching and I feel like I know Steve more after watching that. And there’s a couple of little tidbits in there that I didn’t know about his background that was really interesting. Can you tell us about that a little bit?

Max: Well I think you know his rap sheet of credibility is pretty impressive. I mean everybody knows about Harborside and about Steep Hill Laboratories. He cofounded that, and the cofounder of ArcView which I know most people here on this show are familiar with. But he’s also been a pretty devoted activist for so much of his life whether it was in Yippies which was really kind of an anti-establishment group from the D.C. Smoke-ins where he was organizing some of the very first cannabis protests to really going head-to-head against the federal government in so many different ways.

And you know what a lot of people don’t know is Steve (4.33 unclear) is extraordinarily humble and really sincere man. I mean I’ve been almost surprised by how genuine he is with this mission. But a lot of people also don’t realize how much he’s had to give up by being so devoted to cannabis his whole life. It’s a very exciting time right now, but it’s mostly been a very scary and frustrating time and so he never had kids because of his cannabis activism. You know he’s really had to be constantly almost scared of what he owns in fear that it’s going to be seized by the federal government, and yet his mission has been so pure because he believes so deeply in cannabis and what it can bring to the world.

Matthew: We’re going to play an interview with Steve in a minute here, but before we do can you tell us what’s important to know about the book The Cannabis Manifesto?

Max: I think the most important thing is that this book has the ability to legitimize the value and the benefit of cannabis on a global level. And so whether you are wanting to become more well-educated yourself about the benefits of cannabis or how to use it responsibly or all the ways you can use or whether you’re trying to move agendas forward and legislation or for lobbying purposes or whether you want to become more involved in the industry and understand the opportunities and the ways you can get involved, this book has a very comprehensive approach to those different issues articulated in a more thorough and kind of clearer way than I think has ever been published in a book before.

Matthew: One thing that really I find remarkable about Steve is that he has the ability to connect with every generation and demographic. You know to my mom to a younger cousin to somebody from a totally different environment and culture and that is a huge gift. Where can we find this book? Is it available on Amazon, online, where can people get it?

Max: So my company is producing this campaign right now to get the book on the New York Times Bestseller list which is probably worth mentioning because if we can do that, The Cannabis Manifesto will literally become the first cannabis book to ever reach the New York Times Bestseller list which would be not only a huge accomplishment for the industry but of course a really nice pat on the back for Steve. And right now the book came out and if you go to you’ll see a list of really amazing bonuses that are only available for a limited time right now that you get for free when you actually order your copy through the website. And so the website will tell you to go get it through Amazon or Barnes and Nobel, but to come back and get your bonuses. So go to right now and you’ll see all the amazing things that you get for ordering the book during this window because if you do it will help us get the book on the Bestseller list.

Matthew: Yeah and I know a little bit about the dynamics, the Bestseller list, but one thing that people can do if they know they have an interest in Steve or cannabis is to consider purchasing a book for a friend or family member or multiple books. That really helps out a lot. Steve is kind of the Obi Wan Kenobi of our industry, and I really want to do everything possible to support him in his efforts in decriminalizing and legalizing this plant, this amazing plant. So Max, thanks so much for coming on the show today and CannaInsiders here is your interview with Steve DeAngelo.